THE MAIN DIFFERENCE OF LEONARDO from any other schools
  • LEONARDO studio lessons are the integration of painting, graphics, music, architecture, design, engineering, literature;
  • In LEONARDO through the academic art techniques the student reaches the level of self-realization and creativity;
  • In LEONARDO is brought up a large-scale comprehensive view of human life, such people cannot be manipulated. They always have their own point of view and are able to defend it;
  • In LEONARDO through the synergy of music, graphics, painting, engineering, design, literature, the synergy of creativity is achieved in the form of an "individual work".

ACTUALITY AND PRACTICAL VALUE OF LEONARDO: In addition to general professionalism (hard skills) and communicative skills(soft skills), a 21st CENTURY MAN must have a creative capacity i n the broadest sense of this word (creative skills), because these are the new requirements for competencies to seek the disclosure of the ability of each individual.
TARGET AUDIENCE LEONARDO: children from 5-19 yars old.