1. FLUENCY, that is, the number of ideas that arise in a unit of time;
  2. ORIGINALITY as an ability to produce statistically rare ideas that differ from those accepted;
  3. SENSITIVITY as a susceptibility to contradictions and uncertainties;
  4. INQUISITIVENESS as an ability to open perceive and searching for solutions;
  5. FLEXIBILITY as an ability to quickly and easily move from one class of phenomena to another far in content, an ability to overcome functional fixity, an ability to abandon a non-working hypothesis in time;
  6. METAPHORICITY as an ability to convey realistic by fantasy way and fantasy by realistic, as a tendency to use a symbolic, associative language to express onels thoughts about figurative awareness of reality;
  7. SCALE as an ability to simply see the complex and, on the contrary, in the complex - simple, and also small-large.
  8. INTEGRITY as a desire to transform, harmonize the picture of the world and produce / recreate the missing details.