1. "LEONARDO: a lot of talents" method expands the vision, opportunities and develops the variety of talents in the child;
2. "LEONARDO: transfer of experience" method is realized by immersion in the world culture and research of masterpieces of great masters from Leonardo da Vinci to Alfred Schnittke, Umberto Eco and development of their own vision and style;

3. "LEONARDO: flight" methodlies in creating an environment for freedom of launch, system trials and the right to make mistakes through free unmotivated generation of ideas and the rearrangement of elements, expansion of the information field, an abrupt way to develop an idea without evaluation, with complete confidence in your subconscious;
4. "LEONARDO: puzzle" methods a transforming human activity, the search for a new structure of already known elements, their new combinations and interactions, as the main dynamic characteristic of creativity.